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Interview with Alexis

Thanks to Marina for video recording…


Escape Room

Last week I (the EVS’ tutor) organize for them a team game that could
involve them and make them cooperate each other, so I prepared an
Escape Room. The Escape Room was based on the real history of the Belforte’s
castle, the Baron who came from Prussia at the end of 19th century and
his testament. The goal is to find the “treasure” of the baron before the family come
to Belforte to get it and the game consists of many enigmas to solve.

Before the EVS team nobody had ever solve the room, but they did it
(with a little help because the game was in italian), all together.
Good job guys 😉 Continua a leggere “Escape Room”


What’s new

This blog talks about the life in Belforte and Montefeltro seen from the eyes of the EVS volunteers of the Erasmus+program.
They tell their activities, their feelings, the events that will involve them or their past experiences.
Writers are not professional bloggers and does not write in their mother tongue.

The title of the blog (the world in a town) comes from the motto of the old Italian language and literature school for foreigners that was several years ago in Belforte all’Isauro.