Let us connect cultures

connect culture

On a Saturday in February we organized an evening about our countries. In our cases we had Austria and France. The idea behind was to let people know more about where we are from due to the fact that every region of a country is different. Furthermore we focused on history, traditions, places, typical food and drinks.

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Pasta – Italian Cuisine

macaroniFor a couple of weeks we joined a pasta course! We love italian kitchen and this was a great opportunity for us to get known how to do pasta on our own. I always thought it isn’t that easy but I was wrong.

We were a nice group with about 6 people, we learned how to do the dough with and without eggs and we made different kind of pasta. Just to let you know, now I am able to do tagliatelle, lasagne, coloured farfalle, ravioli and cappelletti. Not too bad I think 😉 To colour the dough we used tomato concentrate, spinach, carrots and cocoa powder. The last one is a mystery to me who does like cocoa pasta but ok 😀 Continua a leggere “Pasta – Italian Cuisine”


Recycle – Reuse

For a couple of weeks we worked in an association called “La Ginestra” in Belforte. The most important thing for them is to produce something new with old materials. Therefor are a lot of ideas and inspirations needed but don’t worry, they have a lot of both 😉


The work – step by step

So, our task there was to make christmas decoration made out of plastic bottles for the village. The inhabitants collected their empty plastic bottels for us and the first days we had to cut them into three pieces because every part of the bottle had his own usage. Beside this we also used heat to melt some parts. This work wasn’t always easy.. after a while our hands started to hurt a lot and Christina, the boss of the association, was really cute, she said that christmas isn’t tomorrow, so no worries.. 🙂


It’s a good feeling to recycle…

To be honest, first I wasn’t sure how it will look like but now, when I have a look at all the stuff we made, what all is possible with things we usually throw away, my opinion is that it is something really special and I am happy that I could give a hand there and I also forgot how often my hands hurted all this time 😛

Thanks to the association for the oportunity to work there 🙂


Roma – la città Eterna

Two weeks ago we traveled to Rome for the On Arrival Training but not only us, all the other new volunteers from Italy came to Rome for this special training!!  😉

A change for one week

The most important though for that week was, to learn a lot, but in a nice kind of way. The trainers made a lot of games with us, we had some workshops about cultural awareness and differences moreover we spoke about important topics like the rights and duties you have as an EVS volunteer. Apart from this, we had Italian lessons every day and we watched the movie – La mafia uccide solo d’estate – , which was very interessting, also because the mafia is a present and important topic in Italy. Continua a leggere “Roma – la città Eterna”

about us

Ciao bella Italia!!

Ciao! My name is Marina, I’m 26 years old and I’m from Austria. I have been here in Belforte all’Isauro for 4 weeks now and it feels absolutly great.

IMG_5419 (2)

Well, before coming here, I worked in a pharmaceutical company, spent a lot of my time with my friends and family, I traveled, I did some sports and loved it to be in the nature. With the years, I saw that working or just being with people makes me happy and fulfilled, so I decided to change my job into this way. (Anyway, my job didn’t make me satisfied at all and for me a job shouldn’t just be a job you do to earn money, your job should be something you really like!) – It’s never to late for education – so, last year I made my final exam to go to university to study social work. Continua a leggere “Ciao bella Italia!!”