Pasta – Italian Cuisine

macaroniFor a couple of weeks we joined a pasta course! We love italian kitchen and this was a great opportunity for us to get known how to do pasta on our own. I always thought it isn’t that easy but I was wrong.

We were a nice group with about 6 people, we learned how to do the dough with and without eggs and we made different kind of pasta. Just to let you know, now I am able to do tagliatelle, lasagne, coloured farfalle, ravioli and cappelletti. Not too bad I think 😉 To colour the dough we used tomato concentrate, spinach, carrots and cocoa powder. The last one is a mystery to me who does like cocoa pasta but ok 😀 Continua a leggere “Pasta – Italian Cuisine”


Escape Room

Last week I (the EVS’ tutor) organize for them a team game that could
involve them and make them cooperate each other, so I prepared an
Escape Room. The Escape Room was based on the real history of the Belforte’s
castle, the Baron who came from Prussia at the end of 19th century and
his testament. The goal is to find the “treasure” of the baron before the family come
to Belforte to get it and the game consists of many enigmas to solve.

Before the EVS team nobody had ever solve the room, but they did it
(with a little help because the game was in italian), all together.
Good job guys 😉 Continua a leggere “Escape Room”


Recycle – Reuse

For a couple of weeks we worked in an association called “La Ginestra” in Belforte. The most important thing for them is to produce something new with old materials. Therefor are a lot of ideas and inspirations needed but don’t worry, they have a lot of both 😉


The work – step by step

So, our task there was to make christmas decoration made out of plastic bottles for the village. The inhabitants collected their empty plastic bottels for us and the first days we had to cut them into three pieces because every part of the bottle had his own usage. Beside this we also used heat to melt some parts. This work wasn’t always easy.. after a while our hands started to hurt a lot and Christina, the boss of the association, was really cute, she said that christmas isn’t tomorrow, so no worries.. 🙂


It’s a good feeling to recycle…

To be honest, first I wasn’t sure how it will look like but now, when I have a look at all the stuff we made, what all is possible with things we usually throw away, my opinion is that it is something really special and I am happy that I could give a hand there and I also forgot how often my hands hurted all this time 😛

Thanks to the association for the oportunity to work there 🙂


Inspire your mind!!


Ciao!! How are you? I hope you stay well 😀

During this month , between September and October, I worked as a “architect” of the dreams, yes, I said of the dreams, because I made a lot of things about the recycling activities in a recycling association at Belforte all’Isauro, the name of this association is “La Ginestra”.

In this association, I can made a lot of things with more variety of products, as an example: A plastic bags, plastic bottles, christmas lights, hungers, old clothes and others things…

The title “Inspire your mind” means that everybody can do whatever they tink. La Ginestra gives the oportunity to create a big colorful world using only your imagination and your own inspiration, working as a team, in a good atmosphere and beautiful people. In these months, my team and I , we created a differents things for Christmas Days, for example, we made a “big lights balls” with irons, end of the differents colorful bottles and Christmas lights…


And the Christmas tree with a lot of transparent bottles as if they were ice stalactites… and more somethings.





The adventure continues!!

How are you?

I hope that you stay well, because I stay very very well :). During the month of July, many things have happened but only I’m going to tell a couple of them. The first is the Summer Camp and the other thing is… ROME!! but I start with the Summer Camp.

SUMMER CAMP Belforte all’Isauro 2018

Really, it was a nice experience, I had never enjoyed  as much as the Summer Camp; enjoy making a lot of activities, a lot of games outdoors, cooking workshops and much more things… Working with children it’s really a good experience because you can learning a lot of things from them and They can learning things of you. An example of this is this photo:

“I’m explaining to a child, step by step, as the kitchen activity should be”.IMG_20180808_101029

But not only we did workshops and games, we also learnt to live together, to work in a team, to respect each other equally and to value the things its worth, its meaning and to learn from one other…

ROME 2018

Rome is the capital of Italy know it, but Rome has a lot of secrets 🙂 yes, I said secrets, because when I was in the city, I discovered its magic… Continua a leggere “The adventure continues!!”