Let us connect cultures

connect culture

On a Saturday in February we organized an evening about our countries. In our cases we had Austria and France. The idea behind was to let people know more about where we are from due to the fact that every region of a country is different. Furthermore we focused on history, traditions, places, typical food and drinks.

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Ciao bella Italia!!

Ciao! My name is Marina, I’m 26 years old and I’m from Austria. I have been here in Belforte all’Isauro for 4 weeks now and it feels absolutly great.

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Well, before coming here, I worked in a pharmaceutical company, spent a lot of my time with my friends and family, I traveled, I did some sports and loved it to be in the nature. With the years, I saw that working or just being with people makes me happy and fulfilled, so I decided to change my job into this way. (Anyway, my job didn’t make me satisfied at all and for me a job shouldn’t just be a job you do to earn money, your job should be something you really like!) – It’s never to late for education – so, last year I made my final exam to go to university to study social work. Continua a leggere “Ciao bella Italia!!”


What’s new

This blog talks about the life in Belforte and Montefeltro seen from the eyes of the EVS volunteers of the Erasmus+program.
They tell their activities, their feelings, the events that will involve them or their past experiences.
Writers are not professional bloggers and does not write in their mother tongue.

The title of the blog (the world in a town) comes from the motto of the old Italian language and literature school for foreigners that was several years ago in Belforte all’Isauro.